2022 Hiking Challenge List


  1. Do a solo hike
  2. Go on a group hike
  3. Hike in the winter
  4. Hike in the spring
  5. Hike in the summer
  6. Hike in the fall
  7. Climb to a lookout/peak
  8. Catch a sunrise
  9. Catch a sunset
  10. Take a hike by a body of water
  11. Include a walk on a boardwalk or over a bridge
  12. Do a two-day / overnight hike
  13. Hike for 25 kilometres / 15 miles
  14. Go on a hike with someone from a different generation
  15. Hike with someone who has not hiked before
  16. Do someone else’s favourite hike
  17. Do an urban walk / city explore
  18. Complete a charity walk / fundraiser
  19. Hike in a forest
  20. Do an educational hike (i.e. foraging, bird watching)
  21. Pick up litter/trash on a hike
  22. Pack a picnic


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