365 Walks

Commit to your well-being

Take the 365 Walks Challenge in 2022

The 365 Walks Challenge is a commitment to get outside for a walk every day.

Experience the benefits of walking – reduced stress, better mood, better sleep – through the simple commitment to walk outdoors every single day.

Yes, life is busy. Some days you won’t have time for more that a quick walk around the block. But you’ll clear your head, move your body, and breathe fresh air. Some days you can take a longer walk, preferably under a canopy of trees, where you will experience the benefits of walking in nature.

How it works

The 365 Walks is simply a commitment to walk every day for a year. What time of day you walk, how far you walk, where you walk… all that is up to you. This is your commitment to yourself. Do it your way.

Keep the commitment

A year-long commitment can seem daunting. But there are ways to improve your likelihood of success, like telling others about your commitment, finding a community, and finding the balance between challenging yourself and being kind to yourself.

Be social

You are more likely to succeed in your 365 Walks challenge if you share your goal with others, and share your success along the way. Post daily photos on social media, tagging with #365walks. Find a virtual walking partner and encourage each other all year long.