Hiking Challenges

Hiking Challenges 2022

Challenge yourself to explore new ways of hiking, get outdoors, and boost your well-being

The 2022 Hiking Challenge

Your challenge, your way

The 2022 Hiking Challenge list gives you 22 different challenges to complete in 2022. Do each challenge separately, or combine several into one fantastic hike!

Try the 365 Walks challenge and commit to getting outside and moving your body every single day.

Whether you’re looking for adventure, wellness, or inspiration, you’ll find ideas to get you walking outside more.

Who are these challenges for?

The 2022 Hiking Challenge is designed to be accessible and adaptable. The 365 Walk challenge encourages you to get the daily benefits of walking. Use these in whatever way is best for you and helps you reach your personal goals.

  • Avid hikers and new hikers
  • Singles, group, and families
  • Adults, youth, and kids

Get outside!